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Average Annual Data for WY 1951 - 1980

Daily Max Temperature 21.9 °C Annual Average
Daily Min Temperature 6.4 °C Annual Average
Precipitation 877 mm Annual Total
Runoff 42 mm Annual Total
Recharge 241 mm Annual Total
Potential EvapoTranspiration 1199 mm Annual Total
Actual EvapoTranspiration 578 mm Annual Total
Climatic Water Deficit 611 mm Annual Total
Average Annual Data for 2070 - 2099

Daily Max Temperature 25.7 °C Annual Average
Daily Min Temperature 10.7 °C Annual Average
Precipitation 718 mm Annual Total
Runoff 30 mm Annual Total
Recharge 170 mm Annual Total
Potential EvapoTranspiration 1305 mm Annual Total
Actual EvapoTranspiration 514 mm Annual Total
Climatic Water Deficit 790 mm Annual Total
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