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      Salish Sea
      Greater Farallones
      Monterey Bay
      Channel Islands
      CDFW Fishing Zones:
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    Data Sources

    Farallon Islands Spotter 2013-present (Point Blue)
    Spotter Pro App 2013-present (data available by request)
    Channel Islands Naturalists 1999-present (CINMS & CINP)
    Whale Alert App 2014-present (data is public)
    ACCESS Cruises 2004-present (Point Blue & NOAA/ONMS)
    Carol Keiper Research Expeditions (2003-2011)
    Cordell Bank Cruises 2004-2010 (NOAA/CBNMS)
    Rockfish Cruises 1996-2006 (NOAA/NMFS & Point Blue
    CalCOFI Cruises 1987-2006 (NOAA/NMFS & SIO)

    Select Time Window

    Select Species

    All Species
    Blue Whale
    Fin Whale
    Gray Whale
    Harbor Porpoise
    Humpback Whale
    Killer Whale (Orca)
    Minke Whale
    Right Whale
    Sperm Whale
    Unidentified Whale
    Bottlenose Dolphin
    Common Long-Beaked Dolphin
    Common Short-Beaked Dolphin
    Common Dolphin
    Dall's Porpoise
    Northern Right Whale Dolphin
    Pacific White-Sided Dolphin
    Risso's Dolphin
    Unidentified Dolphin
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